Monday, July 11, 2011

July 14--How to Use Photoshop for Paintings

I'm going to refer you who are enrolled to this post, which has all the information about the class, and you might also look at the one after that for the results, too. 

Class is from 11:30 to 2:30. Bring your sack lunch. I'll have iced tea and coffee available. The lecture portion is approximately 2 hours, with Q&A follow-up. I'll send direction to my home in Taylor Ranch to those already enrolled.

See (some of) you on Thursday,

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  1. Hi DEBORAH,

    ENJOYING SHARING YOUR WORK AND YOUR GENTLE SPIRIT. I WORK IN PASTELS AS WELL, MOSTLY 18x24 PORTRAITS AND AT A LOSS FOR A METHOD OF MAILING W/O BREAKING THE BUDGET. I appreciate your blog about how you seal them off in a specialized plastic or GLASSINE .envelope. I was wondering how u keep these pastels from bending. DO YOU SANDWICH THEM IN FOAMBOARD and dust the pastel not smear at all? I do not use fixative at all. DOES THIS METHOD WORK WITHOUT FIXATIVE OR SPACERS OF SOME SORT.