Monday, September 20, 2010

Class 8— September 23—Final Critique and Class Potluck

Hi gang,

I hope you don't feel like this little gal when you think of final critique! This is always my favorite class, and not just because you all cook or bring such good food. I enjoy seeing your progress and getting a sense of the direction the class as a whole is heading. If you have some insight on that, whether individually regarding your own work, or corporately as part of the class, I'd certainly welcome your thoughts.

Bring any work you want to share, whether done in class or outside it, in any medium. It might be only one painting or it could be a dozen, whatever you want to share. As always, it helps if the work is ready to lean against the wall (or tipped-over tables, as we usually do), and doesn't need the tape removed from each painting. Most times folks display them grouped together on a piece of foam core, mat board or cardboard. You don't need to bring your painting materials. This class is all food and talk.

The point of the critique is to identify your "point of friction", the place where, as you let out the clutch, the vehicle begins to move forward. This is where what you know and do well meets the friction of something you need to learn or move farther into. It could be something simple like learning to control contrast or adding certain values or colors to your palette.  Maybe it's a matter of exploring a particular subject matter. It may be more subtle and complex, such as finding your own voice or style. If you're frustrated because you can't accomplish something, the critique is the place to bring it up and discuss it.

We'll eat first, so bring along a dish to share. As ever, buy it or cook it, whatever works for you. If you have some paper plates, napkins, forks, etc., bring them along, since all those supplies were taken last session, and I don't know what we have on hand any more. The classroom will open at 11:15 this week.

Our next class begins on September 30th. If you have any suggestions for specific classes you would like to see included, let me know now, and I'll be happy to consider including them in the session. I should have a schedule of classes ready this Thursday for you to see at the critique. If you could check your schedule for the next four weeks (9/30, 10/7, 10/14, 10/21) and make sure of your availability for those classes, I'd appreciate knowing this week what you plan to do (if possible.) Please remember the new class policies of no refunds or credits. I have instituted this only because it helps hold the line on increasing costs, and thus keeps the class going. If financial need is keeping you from joining us, please talk to me individually about it. We can work it out!

Starting next session, I'm going to open our final critique to anyone who wants to come, at a cost of $35.00 per person, with  a limit on the spaces available and the number of works shown. Please let your friends know that the next critique is on November 18th at 11:30 a.m. I'll send out announcements previous to that, but pass the word now.

In the future you'll be able to go back over the classes here on the blog, but we started with class four, so I'm adding the schedule. 

Class 1— August 5— 20-Stroke Paintings
To refresh us and get started again, we’ll begin with 20-stroke paintings, however this time you can work in any size and try to paint three or more of them. I suggest you prepare some thumbnail sketches ahead of time, just to sort out the major shapes and values from your photos. That way you can make every stroke count. Extra points for fewer strokes, as always! How low can you go and still express the place well?

Class 2— August 12 — Negatives/Positives
Please bring or find an object or objects that you will use to paint only the negative space (for now.) It can be anything, large or small, simple or complex: a cup, a chair, your hand, a plant, fruit, flowers, whatever! You might also consider bringing a simple background for the object, such as a colored mat board, paper or cloth, if applicable.

Class 3— August 19— Hot, Warm, Cool
Today we’ll make a chart experimenting with temperature. You’ll chart some color combinations and from that you’ll create three small compositions, one with warm, one with cool, and one with hot predominating. Bring paper or canvas large enough to accommodate nine 3x3” experiments, and three surfaces prepared for your small studies.

Class 4— August 26— Increased Scale
Today we’ll do something a little bit different. I want you to work in the range of 16x20” or larger. Bring an excellent photograph and your corners to crop the view. You’ll begin painting in a small area taped off on the page, which will contain the area of interest, then remove the tape and continue the rest of the painting, experimenting to see how the small scale start affects your overall painting. You’re invited to be creative and try various things with this painting.

Class 5— September 2 — Collage
You’ll receive a mystery photograph to paint today. Come prepared to paint a 5x7” painting whether it’s paper or canvas. At the end of the day we’ll assemble our collage of paintings to reveal what we’ve painted.

Class 6— September 9— Memory Painting Exercise
Find a photo you want to paint, carefully composed just the way you want to paint it. You’ll be given ten minutes to memorize it, and then you will paint strictly from memory. You can draw or paint it at home, ahead of time, if you like, or use a photograph that you’ve painted from already, but you will start fresh in class on a new painting.

Class 7— September 16— Emotional Colors
We’ll discuss the link between color and emotion and how it affects the overall mood of a painting. Please bring samples of other artist’s paintings that you feel express a particular feeling or emotion well. Also find a photo that you would like to paint and identify the emotional link you want to achieve (i.e. photo of empty field: loneliness.)

Class 8— September 23—Final Critique and Class Potluck
We’ll do an in-depth crit of the paintings done in this class or anything you’re working on outside of class. Food and fun!

See you on Thursday,