Monday, January 31, 2011

Class 4— Feb. 3 – Vloothuis’s “No-fly” Zone

Almost Spring, pastel, 11" x 17"
Recently Johannes Vloothuis used a phrase that caught my attention: the "no-fly" zone. This is the area along the bottom and the edges of a painting where elements are subject to the effects of peripheral vision. I'll discuss the details with you and we'll spend some time looking at the successful use of this idea in other artists' work.

This is really a lesson in looking and thinking, so I invite you to bring one or two of your finished or unfinished paintings, unframed or framed (but only if you're truly open to a critique), so that we can examine how to apply this idea to the nuts-and-bolts painting. 

The studio portion of this class is open. Bring whatever pieces you're working on, and please bring last week's Value of Value painting to show me at your easel, as well.

See you on Thursday!