Monday, May 9, 2011

Class 7— May 5 – Mapping Movement

'Cool Morning Walk', 17" x 11", pastel
Have you ever taken the time to analyze movement in your paintings? It's a fascinating study and one that will help you think about composition. I'll show you a simple but effective way to find and track the movement of the eye, which may not be an exact science but will aid you in making decisions about what to include or take out of your paintings. 

We’ll take some time to track the direction the eye goes from start to finish through different paintings. Please bring one or more of your own paintings with you to share so we can all practice finding the movement in various pieces. I’ll discuss the importance of controlling movement with shapes, contrast, color, edges, etc. 

Please bring your seascapes to share with us, as well. I'm curious to know how you enjoyed the class, and what you would like to see added to it.

Come prepared to paint whatever you're working on currently, under my supervision, for the remainder of the class. Next week will be out final critique so you might want to finish up a painting in progress. 

See you on Thursday!