Monday, March 21, 2011

Class 2— Mar. 24 – Stylized Negative Trees

'Apple Tree', gouache

Class 2— Mar. 24 – Stylized Negative Trees
We’ll explore painting three different trees using a technique that carves away the negative spaces. Bring photographs of three different trees that you can view completely from top to bottom and side to side, or nearly so.  You’ll make one painting containing all three trees, much like a botanical illustration, using the negative painting technique. 

The 'style' I refer to in the title of this class is about the approach to seeing and drawing the trees, not necessarily creating a negatively painted tree, as you might have envisioned! No, this isn't a dark where there should be light painting, it's a tree designed by carving away the negative shapes. You'll see a demonstration explaining the process, which will employ some of the same steps we used in this class

You have a choice. You can either use a small sheet of paper for each tree, or one larger sheet on which you paint each tree individually. I simply want you to approach each tree as a separate project. 

Please find photographs that clearly show the entire tree, of any type, in full leaf or bud, of any size or shape or age, in the spring, summer or fall (excepting bare winter deciduous trees.)  Try to find ones where you're easily able to sort out the tree from its background, not a grove that makes it hard to decide where one starts and the next stops. 

Feel free to use any of these photos, with my permission, for your paintings.

Bring the paintings you began last week of rocks underwater, as well as your drawings, for a quick critique. 

See you on Thursday!

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