Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hot/Warm/Cool charts from last week

Gouache hot/warm/cool chart
I really enjoyed seeing the results of last week's class today. It seems these charts inspired you all with some good ideas for color schemes. The charts themselves were little works of art, of a sort, and some could even be framed as-is!

I noticed that a couple of you used the same colors for hot, warm, and cool, which wasn't necessary but made things interesting. You can change it up, using a variety of color, including those that are neutralized or mixed, rather than purely saturated tones.

I also found that I enjoyed most of the color combinations on top of the cool base most often, probably because we think of the sky as being behind things and most of us used blue for the cool. It would be interesting to use other cool colors to see if the inclination is consistent.

If any of you have snapshots of your chart or the paintings you did, send them along so I can post them. It's up to you whether you want me to use your name, or remain anonymous!

Keep going, gang,

Addendum: Here's a photo of Barbara Clark's chart.

 I love the creative way she played, yet it's inspirational, too! Be sure to take a look at her web page.