Friday, January 7, 2011

Private Online Class and Critique Offer

I've had a few messages from people who are following the blog, reminding me that it isn't just the students I see in the flesh each week who are benefiting from the information here. Some of you live out in the country and simply haven't the option to take classes, while others tell me they can't get out easily and have to study in the privacy of their home. Whatever the reasons, I'm glad to have you along!

You may be aware already that I offer Online Painting Critiques as a service to artists. However, in addition, if you decide to paint one of the experiments from these classes, I'm happy to offer you a little more personal attention.

For $30.00 US I'll help you set up your class, advising you on materials and techniques to use, send you further written information about the subject, and then critique your painting, offering some suggestions for improvements or further study on the topic, as well as looking at the changes you make on your painting(s). 
Think of it as a private tutoring session, based on any one of the classes listed here on Today's Art Class blog. Look at the Blog Archive in the left hand column to explore classes. You'll find two listed for each one, usually a topic followed by the class results.

I have a limited schedule, so it's necessary to enroll in the class ahead of time. That way I can schedule your class, discuss with you what you hope to learn, and be sure to have the time set aside to help you. You may pay with PayPal or arrange to send a personal check (ONLY if drawn on a US Bank.)

Send an email to me at: d.d.secor(at)gmail(dot)com, drop a message on my Facebook page (clickable link), or a PM at WetCanvas, any time.

I hope these private classes will be of help--and a lot of fun, too! Let me know what you want to do and we'll go from there.

And to the students who are enrolled in the upcoming class, it starts NEXT THURSDAY. Maybe we should all clean our palettes, right?