Monday, March 7, 2011

Class 8— Mar. 10 - Final Critique and Class Potluck

Feeling Lost, gouache, 3.5" x 2.5"--in honor of our Critique Potluck!
This will mark the end of our current session, so come to the critique ready to show your work from class and anything else you want to share with us. We'll have our usual class potluck brunch, too. Bring along a dish to share. We always have such interesting food! If anyone has some paper plates to donate, that would be helpful.

It's easiest if your paintings are ready to lean against the wall, already taped on a board so that you don't have to laboriously remove a lot of packaging or tape them up to view. We've found the Clearbags are great for transporting artwork, and wonderful to view paintings you're holding in your own hands, but not that great for the critique because of the reflections.

I want to review each of our classes, so please spend some time thinking back over this session as you prepare your paintings and think about which one or ones seemed to inspire you most and why. Here are the topics we studied:

Class 1– Emulation
Class 2– Repaint It
Class 3– The Value of Value
Class 4– Vloothius’s “No-fly” Zone
Class 5– Evergreen Trees
Class 6– Snow: White Without White
Class 7– Abstract Landscape Painting: Robert Genn

Next week we'll begin our new eight-week session, so I'd like to know if you plan to join us for those classes. The dates are March 17- May 12 (with no class on April 21).  Anyone else who would like to come along is welcome, too!

See you on Thursday, gang.