Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Blog to Watch...

I enjoy looking at other people's blogs to see their artwork, and often peruse my favorite painting blogs, hoping for something new to share with you. Today I found a blog that I'm sure will be of continuing interest.

Several of my online friends are included there: Ralph Parker (who works in gouache), Ron Guthrie and David Simons, Susan Smolensky and Rick Reinert, all of whom are acquaintances of mine from the WetCanvas Landscape Forum.

I'm impressed with the technical excellence shown in this group, yet the diversity of styles and subject matter.  As you can see from the above screen shot taken from their front page today, you'll get some variety there. As students of art, we can learn from one another's art! I'm looking forward to watching this blog on my favorites... I hope you enjoy it, too.

And in a few weeks we'll all settle back into the routine of weekly classes.  

Please let me know if you plan to attend some or all of the classes in our next session. 

I suspect you may be planning to come but haven't let me know yet in all the hustle-bustle of the season. If you'll most likely be there for four or more classes, I'd appreciate knowing!