Learning Tools

  • Online Videos
F+W Media, publishers of The Artist's Magazine, Watercolor Artist, and The Pastel Journal, (for which I often write) and owners of WetCanvas (where I spend a lot of time,) asked me to make two videos that are available online. You can find detailed information at http://www.artistsnetwork.tv/.

If you've ever wanted to be able to attend an introductory class, this hour-long video should answer a lot of your questions. I discuss pastels and paper, along with some of the tools I use, and demonstrate haw to tone the paper, do a detailed underdrawing in charcoal and lay down one layer of color on the painting 'Mountain Morning'.

In this hour you'll see me start from a prepared underdrawing of the painting 'Pyracantha' (above right), and develop the soft and sharp shadows so that you can see how to layer colors softly without too much finger blending.

Click the link above for more information.

I'll help you set up your class, advising you on materials and techniques to use, send you further written information about the subject, and then critique your painting, offering some suggestions for improvements or further study on the topic, as well as looking at the changes you make on your painting(s).

My area of expertise is landscapes in pastel, but I'm happy to give an opinion on any painting in any medium.

You'll receive a complete evaluation at $50.00 (US) per painting. You may send a personal check or make Paypal arrangements. Contact me to arrange your critique.

  • PanPastel Video
A 30-minute video showing you the development of this sunset from sketch to finished painting using PanPastels on PastelMat paper. A different approach to painting in pastel.

This one is entirely free. Enjoy!

  • Online Pastel Demo: Painting a Sunset
Artists Network step-by-step, photo illustrated demonstration painting on La Carte Pastel Card, beginning with the layout sketch and taking the painting to completion, with close up shots and written information. (Page about half way down to begin.)

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