Monday, October 10, 2011

October 13- Fall Mountain Vista Paint Along

At this class I plan to hand out a printed photograph you can use for your painting, the same one I will use for my demonstration. This means that I need to receive an email from you CONFIRMING that you're coming to class at least one day in advance, or I won't have a photo for you to use! 

I have a beautiful shot of a grand vista in Colorado with some very interesting challenges in it: distant aspen-dappled mountains, a blue lake, and large pines and aspens in the fore. I’ll pass out the photo at class and lead a discussion on how to solve the problems. 

Bring your materials and come ready to explore what you think will work. I'll be working in PanPastels and sticks on Pastelmat paper, but you're more than welcome to bring any medium. The image is horizontal, and you may use any size paper or canvas you like, but it's in the standard 8" x 10" or 16" x 20" format.

This is more of a composition, design and color theory class than an actual "paint along"--but it's a close as 
I get to that, so come on along and let's give it a try together!

As always, the class is $25.00 payable at the door, and this week I need your RSVP to provide a photograph for you. 

The studio opens about 11:00, and class is from 11:30-2:30.

See you Thursday!

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