Monday, September 26, 2011

October Class Schedule

October 2011 Classes

  • October 6- Colorful Aspens
I’ll show you how to capture the gorgeous colors of aspen trees turned to gold. 

You’ll get a review of the basics of tree anatomy, a bit about how to approach light colored bark in and out of the shadows, and some ideas about how to handle a background and the sky behind them.

Bring your own photos or borrow one of mine (reserve your print in advance, please). Any medium is welcome.

  • October 13- Fall Mountain Vista Paint Along

A NEW class!
Join me to paint an inspirational photograph together! I have a beautiful shot of a grand vista in Colorado with some very interesting challenges in it: distant aspen-dappled mountains, a blue lake, and a large pine and aspens in the fore. I’ll pass out the photo at class and lead a discussion on how to solve the problems. You bring your materials and come ready to explore what you think will work. Use any media you like. I'll be working in PanPastels.

  • October 20- How to Make a Lousy Photo into a Wonderful Painting

I’m going to share several of my own ‘awful’ photographs with you and discuss how we might go about making them into good paintings. So often a picture has some promising elements, but it just misses. Don’t toss those out! Let’s discuss how you can use several photos and combine them into one successful composition. So look through your photos for some awful inspiration! 

  • October 27- Sunlit Snow and Shadows

The rules for shadows are so clearly seen in the snow. I’ll also give you a review of the basics of how to paint snow in sparkling sunlight (but I'm not going to paint all those snow-dotted trees--come see why and what I do instead!)

I’ll be painting in gouache with PanPastels over the top, so you’ll get a taste of wet and dry media together. Any medium is welcome.

  • PLEASE NOTE: At the present time I plan to continue classes until November 17th, so if you have any credited classes, please arrange to use them during this time. No carryovers  to 2012, please! Thanks, gang!

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