Monday, April 11, 2011

Class 5— April 14 – Be Inspired by: David Lloyd (interiors)

Last session I presented the first inspirational slide show and discussion (devoted to Robert Genn), and it was so well received and instructional that I'm doing another one.

This time we'll look at the interiors painted by a favorite of mine, David Lloyd. Although he isn't as high profile as Genn, I think his light-filled, painterly visions of gracious homes painted in acrylics are quite worthy of study. I'm always looking for inspiration to try new subjects, and the idea of painting a "roomscape" or cafe scene is something I think would be interesting, so I offer this class to encourage and stimulate both of us.

(c) David Lloyd , @ Edward Montgomery Fine Art
'Tradition and innovation are of equal interest to David, and he believes one need not be shunned for the sake of the other. The familiar, impressionistic underpinning exhibited in his work reveals his roots as a traditional oil painter, while he currently utilizes the vibrancy and flexibility of modern acrylics to push the boundaries of this orthodox foundation. Often working in the abstract, David believes that freeform rehearsals are key in keeping his realistic pieces fresh, loose, and full of movement. This marriage of abstraction to verism, and modern medium to classical technique serves the artist's drive to create exceptionally dynamic paintings. Whether using simple washes, complex layers, or impasto techniques, David stretches his medium to its limits.

Influenced by 20th century illustrators, graphic artists, and classical painters alike, from realists to abstractionists, the breadth of David's interests yield a technique he describes as "a painterly fusion."'

We will also do a mini-critique of anything you're painting. This is meant to give you a boost along the way on one or two works-in-progress, to help you see where to go or trust what is already working. (Please understand that this is not meant to replace the final critique, at which I want to see how you have RESOLVED some of the issues we discuss in the mini-crit, as well as viewing a small body of your work and talking about your goals for the future.) And bring along your 10 Minute Challenge paintings to show us, please!

We'll have an open painting session after that, in which you can begin to apply some of the critique information, under my supervision, so bring along your materials and supplies as usual.

See you on Thursday!

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